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Client Testimonials

Dennis L. - On The Job Injury

"In 1989, my husband suffered a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury when a steel beam struck him in the head while on the job site at which he was superintendent. He was rushed from the job site in Cullman County to a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama where he was stabilized. Initially, the worker’s compensation insurance company paid all medical bills which they are required to do by the laws of the State of Alabama. However, over the next several months I began to realize that the insurance company was not working in behalf of my husband but against him.

From the date of the injury, the insurance company paid him worker’s compensation benefits for approximately ten (10) years in a begrudging manner. Checks began to arrive late; the insurance company kept us under constant surveillance; and every year they would ask us to settle his claim for less than what he was entitled in the future.

In 2005, the worker’s compensation insurance company retained its own doctor to see my husband. My husband had not improved since he left the hospital in 1989 and he continued to suffer from loss of memory, poor judgment, poor motor skills and worsening eyesight. The insurance company sent my husband to their own doctor who saw him for approximately fifteen (15) minutes and indicated that he was well enough to go back to work. The next week, the insurance company stopped my husband’s check.

We found Wayne Wolfe on the internet after having viewed his web page. I e-mailed Mr. Wolfe and he promptly responded. I explained to him what had occurred and he seemed extremely knowledgeable of the worker’s compensation laws for the State of Alabama. Mr. Wolfe was kind enough to come to our home as my husband had difficulty in traveling. When we met Mr. Wolfe, we knew that he was the attorney for us and “righting this wrong.”

Mr. Wolfe filed suit against the worker’s compensation insurance company for both worker’s compensation benefits and damages my husband suffered because of the outrageous conduct and bad faith of the insurance company. Mr. Wolfe was aggressive and constantly pressured the insurance company to provide information, including its internal files which shockingly revealed that they had been attempting to find a reason to stop my husband’s worker’s compensation benefits for years. Mr. Wolfe settled my husband’s worker’s compensation claim in an amount that far exceeded the amounts offered by the insurance company in previous years. In addition, he recovered money from the insurance company for their intentional and outrageous conduct which caused further harm and injury to my husband. He also made sure that the Social Security benefits my husband was receiving were not cut or affected by the money he got for us from the insurance company.

I would highly recommend Wayne Wolfe to anyone who is involved in an on the job injury or has a worker’s compensation claim. My only regret is that I did not find him sooner although he has made our lives much more secure. Call Wayne Wolfe if you have trouble with insurance companies or any personal injury claim. He is a compassionate and caring person and will get you results.

- JANA L., wife of Dennis L.


Mr. Calvin F. - A Case Of Wrongful Death

"On November 20, 2006, I received a call that no parent wants to receive. I was told my daughter had been killed, along with three (3) other children, while riding a school bus in Huntsville, Alabama. The school bus driver ran into and over a barrier wall crashing the bus some thirty-five (35) feet below causing the death of my daughter and three (3) others, in addition to injuring thirty (30) other children. Following the accident, I could not get any answers from the Police Department, school officials or the company who ran the buses, Laidlaw. A friend of the family highly recommended that we see Wayne Wolfe and we were able to meet with him the day after the accident. At this meeting with Mr. Wolfe, we immediately knew that he would answer the question, “Why did this have to happen?”

Wayne thoroughly investigated the accident and immediately brought suit against the company operating the buses for school children in Huntsville City Schools. Through his aggressive efforts, we learned that the bus driver was not properly trained or certified by the State of Alabama as a bus driver. We also learned that he failed to wear his seat belt in violation of State law which caused or contributed to his losing control of the vehicle and crashing over the interstate wall.

Wayne never gave up in his fight and, after two (2) long years of fighting with the bus company and its insurance lawyers, Wayne successfully settled the claim in behalf of my daughter’s estate. It brought closure. Wayne also made sure that my grandson will have a college education and money to start his life after his education.

We visit Wayne and his staff on occasions and feel that they are like family. We always know that we can depend on Wayne and his excellent staff of assistants and lawyers to guide us should any issues arise.

Thank you Wayne for everything you have done for me and my family."

- Calvin F.

Ms. Rachel Batrum - A Case Of Personal Injury

No one ever expects to be involved in a horrendous automobile accident much less and 18 wheeler running over you and driving you off the road. On March 9, 2004, while returning from my job in southern Tennessee to Elkmont, Alabama on Interstate I65, an eighteen wheeler traveling in the same direction suddenly changed lanes striking my vehicle and causing me to flip over many times and landing in the median. I was knocked unconscious and taken to a local hospital. My initial injuries did not seem quite as bad as I would have expected, however, as time passed by I experienced increasing pain and a burning sensation in my lower extremities. Because of these injuries, I was unable to return to my former employment. The insurance company for the 18 wheeler had been calling me since I left the hospital pressuring me to settle my case. I met with a lawyer in Athens, Alabama who told me that the best lawyer involving accidents between cars and 18 wheelers was Wayne Wolfe from Huntsville, Alabama. I met with Mr. Wolfe and his staff and they agreed to take my case.

The insurance company for the driver of the 18 wheeler made an offer that would hardly pay my medical bills. After Mr. Wolfe took the case, he aggressively pursued information about the truck driver and his driving habits. Mr. Wolfe discovered that the driver of the 18 wheeler exceeded his driving time or what is known as “hours of service” under the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations (FMCSR). He also discovered that the driver had not been properly trained.

Through Mr. Wolfe’s efforts, I went from having an offer to pay my medical bills to receiving a settlement that will pay me benefits for my lifetime. My family and I believe in Wayne Wolfe and his law firm and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone involved in a collision between an automobile and a tractor trailer truck or 18 wheeler. He is simply the best!

- Rachel B.

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Unlike other firms Wayne Wolfe will not only settle your case; if necessary, our trial lawyers in Alabama will take a case to verdict. Our practice is to prepare for trial right from the beginning of each case, which then helps you whether you do go to trial or settle out of court.

Wayne is not just a professional, but a friend to the people of Alabama, and has a reputation for treating clients like family. Let us take care of the details so you can concentrate on the most important part - your recovery. If you have been affected by a personal injury or a wrongful death, your well being comes first. But do not neglect your rights. Time is of the essence.

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